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HOLLISTER selects INVISTA innovations for new Advanced Stretch Jeans

Jan 13, 2017

HOLLISTER, a SoCal inspired teen lifestyle brand, has launched a new line of performance denim for guys and girls called Advanced Stretch Jeans. The jeans contain COOLMAX® ALL SEASON technology and LYCRA® fiber, which were selected for their ability to deliver a flexible fit, lasting comfort, and dependable performance. The denim range is available now in HOLLISTER stores and online at

Denim for Today’s Teens

Jeans that provide performance benefits are one of the hottest trends in denim today. HOLLISTER’S Advanced Stretch Jeans with COOLMAX® ALL SEASON technology move moisture away from the body to keep teens cool and dry on hot days, and have insulating fibers for added warmth when it’s cool. And best of all, these benefits come from the fiber structure, so they are permanent and don’t wash out.

“At Hollister, denim is a part of our DNA and we continue to find ways to enhance the assortment. Our goal with the innovative COOLMAX® ALL SEASON technology is to provide products that fit the needs of our customer’s on-the-go lifestyle” said Kristin Scott, Brand President of Hollister Co.

INVISTA Brands Add Value to Apparel

 “Our branded fibers have broad consumer appeal, so when they are used in apparel, it differentiates that garment and adds value to drive sales at point-of-purchase” remarked Dave Trerotola, President of INVISTA Apparel and Advanced Textiles. “By promoting COOLMAX® technologyHOLLISTER is able to leverage the equity of a branded ingredient with their customer. Our research shows that among ingredient brands in the cooling space, the COOLMAX® brand is the most likely to positively influence purchase intent.” *

Co-Branding to Reach Target Consumers

INVISTA has created a multi-channel social media campaign to complement HOLLISTER’s robust co-branded marketing plan for its Advanced Stretch Jeans launch. “We created a campaign to raise awareness of the new jeans and their benefits among digitally savvy teenagers,” explained Jean Hegedus, INVISTA Global Segment Director, Denim. “The campaign has three exciting components that will live on both brands’ social media channels and are designed to be shareable. Teens can learn more about the jeans, see who’s wearing them (including digital illusionist Zach King, shown above), and what they’re saying about them by searching #HollisterCOOLMAX on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.” To drive additional interest and excitement about the program, INVISTA has teamed up with digital illusionist and YouTube star Zach King on a video promoting the magic of jeans with COOLMAX® ALL SEASON technology (see above).

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*ICM Research, Cooling/Warming Space Study, 2016

COOLMAX® and LYCRA® are trademarks of INVISTA.