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COOLMAX® technology Powers the BUFF® “Original” Collection

Feb 19, 2018

Joan Rojas invented the tubular headwear category when he founded BUFF®, the original multifunctional headwear company, in 1992. Rock climbers, hikers and outdoor adventure enthusiasts have embraced this simple, yet effective way to stay protected against the elements. Designed to be easily adaptable in seconds, each BUFF® headwear can be worn more than a dozen different ways* to suit the wearer’s style and performance needs.

Keep Your Cool in BUFF® Multifunctional Headwear

Permanent Performance

Each Original BUFF® Neckwear consists of a fine 100% polyester fiber performance fabric that’s made with COOLMAX® technology. This creates a moisture wicking, quick-drying and breathable fabric that also offers lightweight thermal performance. These performance benefits are permanent and are designed to keep the wearer cool, dry and comfortable longer.

Innovative Production

When he founded BUFF®, which is short for bufanda, or scarf in Catalan, Mr. Rojas knew seams and hems can irritate the skin. That’s why each garment is a seamless tube made with special knitting machines using a proprietary process. Each garment in the BUFF® Original Collection is identified with the COOLMAX® brand hangtag, which explains the benefits of this technology to consumers. Available in more than 127 tubular designs, there is an Original BUFF® multifunctional headwear to suit every taste, and its flexible stretch means it always provides perfect fit.

David Camps, BUFF® Managing Director remarks that “innovation in product development is part of our DNA. We have developed more designs for the Headband collection and the new UV Multifunctional Headwear with COOLMAX® fabric for the new SS18 collection. Once again, we opted for this fabric because of its wicking moisture benefits, from the body and through the fabric. The good moisture management and fast drying properties provide a thermoregulation effect that helps manage the wearer’s skin temperature.”

Keep Your Cool in BUFF® Multifunctional Headwear  

Leading the Way

BUFF® continues to lead the category it originated thanks to its focus on quality craftsmanship, use of superior raw materials like COOLMAX® technology, and its constant drive to offer the latest performance benefits to consumers. As fabric technology has progressed, BUFF® has continued to develop new product lines by embracing cutting-edge innovations that add UV protection, insect repellent and more to its headwear.

Contact Jordi Lopez to learn what COOLMAX® technology can add to your fabric and apparel collections.

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COOLMAX® is a trademark of The LYCRA Company.
BUFF® is a registered trademark of Original Buff, S.A. Spain.