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May 21, 2018

An exciting co-branded campaign promoting socks made with COOLMAX® technology launches today and will run for six weeks in the AMAZON UK ecosystem. The goal of the promotion is to raise consumer awareness of COOLMAX® technology benefits, as well as increase sales through for brands that have adopted the technology. This unprecedented level of marketing support is one of the key ways COOLMAX® brand adds value to collections and drives business growth for its valued customers.

Outdoor socks made with COOLMAX® technology

About the Campaign

Adverts will run on the AMAZON UK website and will enjoy high visibility on the lock screen of the retailer’s Fire Tablet. When a user clicks on these adverts they’ll be directed to the COOLMAX® brand’s sock landing page, which will showcase socks made with COOLMAX® technology from brands like ORIENT BEFIT, HILLY and BRIDGEDALE.

Both types of ad are targeted according to the profile and shopping history of the person browsing. The ad will only appear if the user has purchased or browsed active sports apparel in the past or has shown interest in related categories.

Benefits Beyond Performance

Contact us today to learn how COOLMAX® brand innovations can help differentiate your product offerings and drive sales in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

COOLMAX® is a trademark of The LYCRA Company.


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