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Aug 30, 2018

Pepe Jeans have come a long way. Denim collections of this 1973 London street market start-up have become wardrobe musts for casual-smart dressers around the world. High profile advertising campaigns featuring Bridget Hall, Kate Moss and other supermodels have built a huge following for the brand and its stylish products.

Pepe Jeans brand’s iconic Pixie skinny-fit mid-waisters empowered with COOLMAX® Denim technology

Part of the shopper appeal of its iconic Pixie skinny-fit mid-waisters – big sellers this summer – is keeping cool as well as looking cool. Their heat-beating secret is COOLMAX® Denim for Women technology.

The specially-engineered cross section of the high-tech fibers conducts moisture away from the skin to the outside of the garment. Because this technology is built into the fiber, there is no loss of performance from repeated wash and wear cycles.

So, bring on the sunshine! The Pepe brand is ready and waiting, and distinctive COOLMAX® hangtags make its summer-friendly jeans easy to find in-store.

If you thought denim was a seasonal business, think again. Certified fabrics with COOLMAX® technology offer brands and retailers new scope for look good, feel good spring-summer and autumn denim collections.

Contact the COOLMAX® brand expert listed below to find out which innovation is right for your collection.

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