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Sep 05, 2019

The Challenge

Consumers value comfort and a major source of wearer discomfort is feeling hot and sticky. Whether perspiration is caused by high temperatures or physical activity, it can drain your energy and negatively impact your performance. Today’s consumers want to enjoy the cooling performance benefits they’ve experienced when wearing activewear in other types of apparel.

The Solution

COOLMAX® fiber branded solutions deliver dependable cooling performance to garments that can be tailored to meet the performance needs of the end user. Garments made with COOLMAX® fiber transport moisture away from the body to the surface of the breathable fabric where it evaporates quickly. This create a highly desired cooling effect that helps the wearer stay dry and comfortable to optimize performance.

Versatile End Uses

While COOLMAX® fiber technology is often specified for activewear and active outdoor apparel, it’s also used in jeans, ready-to-wear, intimate apparel, socks, workwear and protective clothing, and non-apparel uses like bedding. Explore our portfolio of COOLMAX® brand technologies, or COOLMAX® PRO fiber solutions, to choose the perfect level of cooling performance for your products.

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Benefits for Mills

    • Drive sales by manufacturing technical performance fabrics that offer cooling performance benefits consumers desire.

    • Experience world-class technical support that ensures product quality and gain access to scientists who can tell you how you can improve your fabrics and increase sales (or customer satisfaction).

    • Drive sell-through by certifying your fabrics to be eligible for free hangtags and harness COOLMAX® brand power to drive sales down the value chain.

Benefits for Brands and Retailers

    • Increase the quality and value of your garments by providing your customers with a premium offering. Consumers view the COOLMAX® brand logo as a symbol of quality assurance that indicates a higher quality garment that’s worth paying extra for.

    • Fabric certification process ensures consistent product performance and helps reduce product returns and encourage repeat purchases. Build brand loyalty by offering garments that meet consumers’ needs.

    Order free swing tags and virtual hangtags that educate consumers about product benefits and drive retail sales.

Benefits for Consumers

    • Stay cool, dry and comfortable in hot weather or while being active.

    • Easy care fabric is lightweight and breathable.

    • Performance benefits are permanent and don’t wash out.

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COOLMAX® is a trademark of The LYCRA Company.


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