COOLMAX® EcoMade Technology for Denim


A Quantitative study was conducted by ICM Research to better understand target consumers' preferences around cooling and warming technologies. 

Over 1500 consumers were surveyed across 3 countries: U.S., Germany, and Korea. 

COOLMAX® brand consumer research findings:

  • In a recent Nielsen study*, 66% of respondents indicated a willingness to pay more for products and services from companies committed to positive social and environmental impact, up from 55% in 2014 and 50% in 2013.
  • In a recent The LYCRA Company study** of over 1,500 men and women across three countries, 75% of respondents were interested in a jean that would help keep them cool in warm weather.
  • Consumers say that fit an comfort are a "must have" in jeans
  • Emerging drivers include softness and ability to keep the consumer warm on cold days or cold on warm days
  • The COOLMAX® brand is a purchase driver – it ranks highest as the technology name that would make consumers most interested in purchasing a summer jean.

*Nielsen Global Survey of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, 2015
**Denim & Activewear Study, ICM Research, 2016

Sustainability has never been so cool. Now with COOLMAX® EcoMade technology, you no longer have to choose between performance and sustainability. The LYCRA Company has integrated the permanent moisture management properties which have long been the hallmark of the COOLMAX® brand into fiber made from 97% recycled resources such as plastic bottles. The result - weavers can create high tech, sustainable fabrics that everyone can feel good about.

COOLMAX® EcoMade technology gives new life to plastics once destined for landfills by transforming them into fibers through a six-step process, while the COOLMAX® fiber moves moisture away from the skin to help keep the wearer cool, dry and comfortable longer. And, with strong consumer preference, the COOLMAX® brand can help drive sales of your garments.

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