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Sep 24, 2019


Shanghai, China - The LYCRA® brand, the world’s original elastane fiber brand, today hosts its annual consumer event at Shanghai’s Columbia Circle with a well-curated immersive experience entitled “Capture the Rhythm.” Along with the event, The LYCRA Company also introduced the groundbreaking innovation of LYCRA® FitSense™ technology and LYCRA® MyFit™ fiber.

Epic Film “Move to Your Own Rhythm” – A Celebration of Living to The Fullest

Having premiered on multiple platforms and social media, the epic film made by the LYCRA® brand, “Move to Your Own Rhythm", was released earlier this year. It resonates with viewers through its unique storytelling. Featuring a trio of female personalities with different nationalities and professions, the film celebrates diversity in life by exploring the limits of one’s body and employing it as a new language for self-expression, thanks to the flexibility of LYCRA® fiber. For decades, the LYCRA® brand has transformed the apparel industry with innovative garment solutions. While it never fails to guarantee comfort, stretchiness and fitness as the basic function of apparel, the LYCRA® brand always strives to allow different body types and sizes to explore and express their characters with maximum flexibility.


Prior to the event, the film has garnered a wide viewership across various social media platforms and key opinion leaders with its aspiring stories and astonishing visual effects. In line with the advertisements carried by the brand for such channels as video sites, mobile applications and search engines, the film, as well as the slogan it echoes, has developed a special bond with consumers in an era when a growing number of people are looking internally and paying attention to their own bodies, health and well-being. And thus, the brand’s benefits of comfort, confidence and freedom are reinforced here in China.

What’s more, a number of brands featured in the film have further partnered with The LYCRA Company to set up exclusive brand zones on Taobao to showcase the latest LYCRA® fiber innovations and the possibilities it inspires in the apparel industry.

An Immersive Experience to “Capture the Rhythm”

A renovated landmark opened in the 1930s, Shanghai’s Columbia Circle is, like the brand trajectory of The LYCRA Company, a combination of history and thriving new happenings. The ambiance and vibe it has sets a perfect stage for The LYCRA Company to reconnect with old friends and make new acquaintances, to celebrate the past achievements and build foundations for future milestones, and to express gratitude for support and seek opportunities for partnership.

The event opens with twin synchronized swimmers, whose amazing underwater performance has greatly benefitted from the latest sportswear using LYCRA® FitSense™ technology. The show has sparked the audience both with their fluid body language and the apparel’s fit on the performers. The features and functions of LYCRA® fiber have been given a full play with the Baleneaire swimwear with LYCRA® lastingFIT technology on the underwater ballet dancers, LEE jeans with LYCRA® XFIT technology and LYCRA® BEAUTY technology, FILA sportswear with LYCRA® SPORT technology on the hip-hop dancers, as well as Intimissimi underwear and Calzedonia hosieries with LYCRA® fiber on the modern dancers. Led by the rhythms and beats of the performances, the audience has also been encouraged to enjoy the fun and freedom of body language in the Moroccan-inspired settings.

“Our legacy of innovation stretches back to 1958 and the invention of LYCRA® fiber, the original spandex/elastane fiber,” said Julien Born, president, apparel, The LYCRA Company. “Today, as The LYCRA Company, we are building on that legacy as we continue to invest in new product development and innovation. Our goal is to develop breakthrough solutions, like the ones we are showcasing at Intertextile, that add tangible value to our customer’s products.”

A new chapter written with groundbreaking technology following six decades of milestones

LYCRA® FitSense™ technology is screen printed onto fabric containing LYCRA® fiber to deliver targeted lightweight support that can be combined with visual effects like patterns or color blocks. As a result, sewn-in panels or extra seams that may restrict movement and cause discomfort may be eliminated and the consumer’s need for great-fitting, ultra-comfortable garments is satisfied, giving support just where it is needed.

LYCRA® MyFit™ fiber is a patent-pending fiber technology engineered with a new polymer designed to deliver improved comfort and fit. The result is greater shape tolerance and a customized fit experience for a range of body shapes within a size. This exciting innovation is launching at Intertextile by invitation only. Select mills, brands and retailers will have the first look at this new technology.

Ever since the invention of LYCRA® fiber in 1958, innovation and technology have been the key engines driving the growth and development of The LYCRA Company. For over 60 years, we have been helping leading brands, retailers, and mills grow their business through groundbreaking innovation. Discover how we can create value working together.

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